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"Hertz & McElwaine" is a full service personal injury litigation law firm serving clients and other law firms throughout Maryland and D.C.with offices located in Prince Georges' County Maryland.


The firm of Hertz & McElwaine concentrates its practice as a full service litigation law firm. Servicing clients throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. The Lawyers and Staff work as one team on every case, so that the client always has someone to assist them and answer their questions. OUR MOTTO is "IF YOU HAVE BEEN HURT WE CAN HELP" means that providing the best legal services to the clients is our mission. Whether, it is a personal injury case from Auto Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Slips and Falls or Product Liability and Social Security Disablity Claims, we have the experience to help. In Workers' Compensation we practice before the Office of Workers' Compensation Claims in D.C. and the Workers' Compensation Commission in Maryland.

The Firm continues to assist clients in the Criminal law arena, in Maryland and DC. With substantial experience in DWI, DUI and Drug and white-collar criminal cases, Mr. Hertz and the firm will be there for the client at every step of the way.

Family law provides continuing challenges for our clients. We both prosecute and defend Domestic Violence matters in Maryland and will assist our clients in all contested divorce and family law cases.

As a full service law firm, we continue to represent clients in REAL ESTATE SETTLEMENTS AND LITIGATION, ESTATE PLANING, BUSINESS & COLLECTION LITIGATION AND NOW ELDER LAW. With our association with other law offices we can assist clients in Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Business Planning and other non litigation transactions.



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State of Maryland and District of Columbia

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